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Condom Packing Machine

With due assistance of our team of experts and advanced technology, we are committed in providing high quality Condom Packing Machines, which are used for packaging of condoms. The condoms can be packed in elliptical or round shape. Moreover, this machine is also useful for lubricating condoms.

  • Indexing type in-feed conveyor, which is easy and convenient speed to feed the product
  • Equipped with picking fingers
  • All cams & levers are properly heat - treated
  • Equipped with speed variable pulley
  • Sealing heaters are automatically controlled, provided with accurate temperature controllers
  • Individual pouch perforating cutters
  • Reduction gear box : based on differential gearing system

Components which can be attached optionally
  • Lubricating oil injection system
  • Batch coding system
  • Automatic pouch counter
  • Batch cutter unit
  • Water testing machine and electronic testing machine for condoms.

Packaging Material
  • Polyester foil+poly,
  • Polyester foil-poly
  • Glass polyfoil
  • Multilayer bop


Packing Speed 45 to 60 pouches/min.
Electric Motor AC, 2HP, 3 Phase, 440V/Single Phase on demand
Transformer Transformer
Heater Load 1KVA - 24Volt
Size of Machine 3000x1200x1500 (LxWxH)
Gross Weight 1150 Kgs (approx.)
Net Weight 950 Kgs. (approx.)